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Established 2006

After more than 30 years experience working with, and training others to work with, computers, in 2006 we decided to start our own business. We offer local people and business's computer services and products at very competitive rates.

We have supported our customers through upgrading/repairing their old machine until the time comes for a completely new machine and operating system.

We have an extensive knowledge base within the company and have experience of many previous versions of Windows, from Windows 3.1 right up to, and including, todays Office 365 and Window 10.

Our strength of service lies in our reputation and word of mouth.

We are delighted that our customers feel able to recommend us to new friends and colleagues. We are a family run company, I run the customer facing side of the company, visiting residential customers and small businesses and dealing with on-site problems. We are expanding the business into the fields of building bespoke machines, hosting email and web pages, and especially setting up small office networks, cabled and wireless, and setting up backup systems.

We are a member of ACRBO (Association of Computer Repair Business Owners) a group committed to the advancement of the computer repair industry worldwide. ACRBO requires all members to adhere to strict standards to be allowed in the association.

About Us